About us

Most online directories will list your business amongst your competitors and you will have to pay a high premium to be at the top few results of their directory page. We don’t! Each business gets their individual page on our directory so your business alone appears high on Google. Why be on a directory just to compete with other businesses when you can be listed on The Business Pages and let your customers find you direct from Google!

Who we are

  • We are an online directory with a difference
  • We get your business found direct on Google through our “pages”
  • We are a team of highly skilled web developers & marketing experts

What we do

  • We get your business listed on our pages
  • Your listed web page then gets optimised for your particular products or services
  • Customers find you direct from Google, and not from a database within a directory
  • We promote your business and its logo on Twitter everyday to thousands of our UK based followers
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    Why us?

    • We can get your business page listing along with your telephone number high on Google search results, often page one
    • Cut out “the middle man” directories that list your business amongst your competitors, and get found direct
    • Our prices are a fraction of what the major on-line directories are charging, and we work better than them
    • We have the knowledge and expertise to get your business page ranking high on search engines
    • We are only a phone call away, speak direct with our developers and marketing team

    Want a demonstration?

    We can demonstrate and get you on page one before you make a decision and part with any money. Give us a call on 020 8551 5969. We will explain how it all works as well as talk you through live examples of all our current customers on Google search results.